[texhax] LaTeX command \leq and \leqslant

Patric Glöde Patric.Gloede at t-online.de
Sat Jan 29 20:26:15 CET 2005

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

actually the LaTeX command \leq should produce the "greater or equal symbol" where the lower bar of the = sign is horizontal and the command \leqslant should produce a "greater or equal symbol" with the bar for "equal" parallel to the the < symbol. Yet in my LaTeX-Files both commands produce the latter version of the "greater or equal symbol". If it is of importance for the solution of the problem: I use Dante's LaTeX distributionTex-Live.
If this you are not the right address to pose this question to, could you tell me another contact address or forum site?
Thanks a lot for your help. 
Best regards 

Patric Gloede
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