[texhax] Template

tomlobato tomlobato at ig.com.br
Sat Jan 29 00:36:19 CET 2005

  Well, I need to make commercial proposal (in portuguese, "proposta 
comercial") and all I could reach until now with latex was ugly ones. How to 
make professional commercial proposal with latex? Is there some template or 
just some specific package? 

  Maybe the confusion came from the term "commercial proposal". In really Im 
not sure "proposta comercial" translate to "commercial proposal" in english, 
maybe "buiseness proposal", anyway, a document I send to my [pretended] 
client with details (technical, costs, implementation, etc...) of a service. 

  Thank you 

>maybe you should be more explicit in exactly what you\'re looking >for?  I 
>figure if i was going to make a buisness proposal, i\'d probably >use the 
>letter class. 
>what exactly is it that you want to make? 

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