[texhax] TeX capacity exceeded

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Jan 27 00:35:27 CET 2005

>>>>> "Kim" == Kim Cierpik <cierpik at gokul.colorado.edu> writes:

  > Hi, I'm writing my PhD thesis using WinEdt.  I tried to use the
  > Latex command on my manuscript this afternoon, but I got the
  > following error:

  > TeX Capacity Exceeded, sorry [buffer = 20000] 
  > 1.2 
  > If you really absolutely need more capacity, you can ask a wizard to
  > enlarge me.

  > No pages of output.

Did you re-type the error message?  It's better to use Copy&Paste.

I suppose that the second line of the error message you posted was l.2
rather than 1.2.  This would mean that the error had been detected in
the second line of the file.  There might be something wrong with the
\documentclass arguments.

I do not know in which file the error occurs, but since it says

  > No pages of output.

it's most likely that the master file is the culprit.  If not, maybe
there is something wrong with the \chapter or \section command in the
first file you \include.

You can find out in which file the error occurs if you read the
.log-file carefully.  An opening brace means opening a file and a
closing brace means closing a file.

A simplified example (master file is "dissertation.tex"):


gives something like:

(dissertation.tex (article.cls (size12.clo)) (amsmath.sty)
(chapter1.tex) (chapter2.tex))

There are much more messages in the log but this example shows what
you should look for.

If you don't find a solution yourself, please send us the preamble
of your document (everything before \begin{document}), and the


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