[texhax] Protext vs. TexLive on new CD, advice please

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 21 00:07:09 CET 2005

    ProText is more designed for Windows

proTeXt, being based on MiKTeX, runs only on Windows.  

    What should I install?  

What you should install depends on what you want.  Sorry, I know that's
not helpful, but it's the only real answer.

I wrote a web page trying to spell out the situation and the alternatives.

Essentially, if you want TL, the only choice is a manual install
process, or waiting (no ETA on a real Windows installer).  If you don't
really care about TL vs. MiKTeX, and just want whatever is new,
installing protext (side by side with TL) should work.

Not being a Windows user, I cannot speak to the technical differences in
operating a TL installation vs. a miktex installation.  Both
distributions have many adherents.

    What do I do with all my old files?  

If you didn't install any "local" packages or make other changes, then
nothing special need be done.  I always recommend installing a new
version of any software in a different location than the old, so as to
(hopefully) avoid being worse off than when you started.  I know that's
not always possible with Windows programs, but I think in this case it is.

    Do I need to change things on WinEdt?

No.  The eval winedt is there for the sake of people who don't have it
and want to try it.

    It'd be nice if there was a page on exactly how to update

It would be nice, but the problem is that there is no answer appropriate
for all (or even most) cases.  When I (and others) wrote the
documentation, I knew this would be a problem, but the best I could
think of to do was to try to clearly explain what was available.

Wish I could help more.


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