[texhax] Building CHM help

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Fri Jan 14 16:22:09 CET 2005

Dear Peter, thank you very much, that's a nice solution of the second
problem indeed! KK.

> Dear Mr. Karapetyan,

> to your second question: 
>> ...
>> 2) Can anyone recommend a convenient method to maintain two (for
>> printed version and for online help) versions of the source so as not
>> to copy text from one file to another?

> One way could be to define a flag-command which will be used to identify
> the text which should be only in one of the two documents:

> \newif\ifintoCHM\intoCHMfalse

> and the text may be something like

> "global"
> text text text

> \ifintoCHM
> text for CHM
> \fi

> "global"
> text text

> Now you have a flag to produce both documents with one source - for
> CHM you change the flag to \intoCHMtrue.

> Hope this helps
> Peter Zimmermann

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