[texhax] frustrations

Tamas Hegedus Hegedus.Tamas at mayo.edu
Wed Feb 16 22:30:34 CET 2005

Dear All,

I am pretty new to latex. And I have a lot of frustrations.

However I am not a programmer, but I do not use to have problem with 
learning programming languages, rdbms systems, etc.

1. I red tutorials, checked online resources, faqs, etc.
But if I have something to solve I can not find the way.
As examples see my next questions.
It seems that I miss something conceptually.

My problems could originate from the fact that I need customization very 

2. I have a two columns environment. (I do not how is this implemented 
as I received a package and sample file from a journal.) I have a 1 
column table (\begin{table*}) that should be the first table proceeding 
all the other tables and figures. But I have several figs and tabs on 
the 2nd page, while the Table I is on the 3rd page.
I tried several combination of [!tbhp] ...

3. I have a tiff image. I tried different ways to generate a eps file, like
a, exporting by different graph programs;
this result usually low resolution and ugly eps
b, converting by tiff2eps
the quality is ok, but if I convert the dvi to pdf, the bottom part of 
the image is lost and the pdf readers (acrobat) complain something about 
invalide image data...

4. I have a table. In that table I would like to have aligned strings 
with leading spaces.
astfk brfk tpk
       bofk tpl
I use curier fonts:
\newcommand{\fcr}[1]{ {\fontfamily{pcr}\selectfont #1}}

My problem: I have subscript/smaller letters, too.
ast\sub{f}k brfk tpk
~~~~~~~~~~~ bofk tpl

I think I should measure the length of 'ast\sub{f}k', and make an empty 
box with this length. But I was not able to figure out, how to do this.

For the first round these are enough.
Thanks for your help,

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