[texhax] \DeclareGraphicsRule in beamer

Roger Mason rmason at esd.mun.ca
Mon Feb 14 17:43:00 CET 2005


I'm using beamer to prepare both presentation and article versions of
lecture notes.  Follwing the beamer user guide, I have a file
main.beamer.tex as follows:



and a file main.article.tex:



In main.tex I have:

% Not to be run stand-alone: to be \incuded
% in main.beamer.tex and main.article.tex.
  % or ...
  % or whatever (possibly just delete it)


When I run LaTeX on main.article.tex it raises the complaint:

ERROR: Undefined control sequence.

--- TeX said ---
<recently read> \DeclareGraphicsRule 
l.12 \mode<article>\DeclareGraphicsRule
--- HELP ---
TeX encountered an unknown command name. You probably misspelled the
name. ...

The purpose in having multiple definitions using \DeclareGraphicsRule
is to use the same MetaPost output files <filename>.<numeral> no
matter which version of the document I wish to generate.

I don't see what I have done wrong.

Thanks for any help,

Roger Mason

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