[texhax] A question about Y&Y Inc.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Feb 12 15:11:38 CET 2005

    I am interested in getting the Lucida Bright Fonts from Y&Y Inc. for my 
    MiKTeX installation, but it appears that www.yandy.com does not belong 
    to Y&Y Inc. anymore. Do you know how can I contact them?

Y&Y went out of business last year, so the Lucida fonts for TeX are not
currently available anywhere.  They may reappear at some point, but
there's no ETA.

There is a yandytex-users mailing list.  For anyone interested in Y&Y
TeX, you may want to peruse the archives for Feb so far:

I posted a note there asking for experiences (pro and con) and other
info about Lucida and MathTime.

In particular, if there are any Windows programmers reading this who
would be interested in updating the Y&Y TeX distribution if it became
free software, please write me.  (Or, for that matter, any Windows
programmers interested in working on TeX Live or anything else TeXish.)


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