[texhax] Latex question: color in PDF-file

Anita van der Roest J.C.van.der.Roest at cpb.nl
Wed Feb 9 14:54:25 CET 2005

Hello support members

I've recently become a Latex addict, since I am writing a User Manual 
for an economic solving program. I am working in a MIKTEX installation.

Our unit decided we would like to have a written manual as well as an 
intranet manual. Of course these two have their differences, but both 
are in PDF form.

In the intranet manual I tried to introduce some coloring: for the 
background, the links, some tables etc. That worked out fine.

A part of my CSS-file looks like this:

% colors and links for a screen version

The PDF that is the result of my efforts looks partly ok. The background 
I use is applied only to the content of the PDF-file but not at the 
navigation on the left. Like in the figure below.

What I would like to ask: Is it possible to apply color to the 
navigation window too ?

Thanks very much for your efforts !!

With kind regards,
Anita van der Roest
CPB, the Netherlands

Anita van der Roest
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