[texhax] bib file in another directory

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 9 09:43:19 CET 2005

> how should I write my \bibliography{} line if the .bib file of
> references that I want to use is in a different directory from my .tex
> file manuscript?
> I'm runing MikTeX on Windows98

Here's my penny's worth: since the idea of a bib file is to allow a
centralised bibliography database to which you can add continually, correct
(i.e. one correction solves all) and use anywhere, it seems logical and
hardly "not very convenient" in any case I can think of to put it, as
already suggested by others, in the localtexmf tree (under
localtexmf\bibtex\bib to be precise) - remembering, of course, to refresh
the filename database.

Note that if you want to have some extra entries that are pertinent just to
the file you're working on and that you don't want in the general database,
you can create a local.bib (say) where you are for these entries and then

\bibliography{local,main} (order is unimportant unless there are

where main.bib would be the general one.  (it's better to use more
distinguishing names since there are already a number of bib files within
the standard distributions).

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