[texhax] i'm using natbib and chapterbib but cannot getthebibliographies to appear in separate chapters of the book?any ideas?

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Mon Feb 7 16:52:36 CET 2005

Uhm, I have a query here:

> 1  You need a master .tex file for the whole book which sets everything
> up. It should have:
> \usepackage[sectionbib]{natbib} somewhere (I forget exactly what the
> sectionbib option does).

Right, but, as I noted in my other reply, you need
\usepackage[sectionbib]{chapterbib} too.

> 2  In that master, you need to \include (NOT \input) each chapter.tex
> [snip]
> bibliography, AND \input its .bbl file, so they will look like:
> % this is chapterone.tex
> ... % can \input files of sections, etc. here
> \bibliographystyle{...}
> \bibliography{...}   % bib file

So far so good.  But ...

> \input{chapterone.bbl} % this will fail the 1st run through. Better is:
> \IfFileExists{chapterone.bbl}{\input{chapterone.bbl}}{\typeout{cha
> pterone.bbl not found; run bibtex chapterone}

This is superfluous if you use chapterbib the right way.  I can only guess,
but maybe you had ALL of the bibliography at the END of the book in separate
units.  In that case I imagine this is the only way too do it.  Although I
think (but I don't know for sure) that the bibunits paskage may possible
offer a more elegant solution.

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