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Steve Schwartz s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Sun Feb 6 17:26:19 CET 2005


OK, since you're still struggling, I attach herewith a template which
works. Have a look at the result in bookmaster.pdf before you try to run
this yourself. The instructions are in the bookmaster.tex file, but
here's the actual output (I've redirected the tex output).

[sjs SampleBook]$ pdflatex bookmaster.tex > /dev/null
[sjs SampleBook]$ bibtex chapterone > /dev/null
[sjs SampleBook]$ bibtex chaptertwo > /dev/null
[sjs SampleBook]$ pdflatex bookmaster.tex > /dev/null
[sjs SampleBook]$ pdflatex bookmaster.tex > /dev/null

Note that in order to get numbered citations correct, I used separate
.bib files for each chapter, and ensured that the citation keys were
unique to that chapter. Otherwise you will pick up the wrong number. If
(as I do) you use the authoryear option to natbib and a
bibliographystyle such as plainnat which doesn't use numeric labels,
then you can use a single .bib file for the whole book if you wish, and
can use the same key in different chapters (though in this case latex
will warn you that citations have been multiply defined).

This is NOT 100% pretty, but it does work as advertised.



[I can send you the individual files if you can't gunzip/untar the
attached, but I've saved a bit of bandwidth since I've cc'ed this to
texhax. Perhaps someone else can provide a more elegant solution -
namely one which requires only a single run of bibtex and avoids
multiply-defined warnings.]
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