[texhax] Using pages from a PDF document as graphics

Stefan Björk stefan at raggmunk.nu
Thu Feb 3 09:45:02 CET 2005

Thank you, William, Karl, Philip and Reinhard, for all the useful 
answers on this issue.

At this point, I have realized that I want to use the EPS format for all 
graphics. EPS files with vector graphics isn't that big, really (I 
remember when I converted bitmap pictures to EPS - THAT consumed disk 
space!), and obviosly they work with most (all?) flavours of TeX.

The PostScript files printed from Acrobat can sucessfully be converted 
to EPS with the 'eps2eps' utility, which also remarkably reduces the 
size of the EPS file.

When it comes to cropping, I still have no solution. 'eps2eps' 
automatically crops the upper right corner of the EPS file, but I have 
yet not found a tool that does the same thing as 'pdfcrop' (the 
'epscrop' shell script by Maarten Ditzel claims to do the job, but does 
not; I don't know if I should blame the script, my system or myself). 
Converting from EPS to PDF, cropping with 'pdfcrop' and then converting 
back to EPS again ends up in an enormous EPS file, ten times larger than 
the original. I tried to crop the original PDF before printing-to-file 
from Acrobat, but 'pdfcrop' choked on it for some reason.

Manually cropping the EPS files is of course an option, but I hope there 
is a way to do this automatically.

Anyway, thanks so far!


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