[texhax] Questions about the line-breaking algorithm.

Peter B. West pbw at pbw.id.au
Fri Dec 23 00:11:46 CET 2005

Is this the right place for such questions?

I am implementing XSL-FO in Java, and I wish to use the TeX algorithm as 
the basis for line breaking.

I have a copy of Digital Typography, which contains a copy of the 
article "Breaking Paragraphs Into Lines" by Knuth and Plass.  In an 
Addendum another article is mentioned. "Michael Plass prepared a shorter 
version of this article for the book "Document Preparation Systems...". 
  Shorter indeed.  21 pages.  "His version generalizes and simplifies 
the box/glue/penalty model by introducing the notion of a kerf..."  The 
Addendum also mentions the introduction of leftskip and rightskip, and 
the introduction of the "line penalty" into the demerits calculation.

Are there any online sources of information on "kerfs", left- and 
rightskips and the line penalty?

There are a few aspects of the algorithm I would like to discuss in 
detail. Can anyone help me?

Peter B. West <http://cv.pbw.id.au/>
Folio <http://defoe.sourceforge.net/folio/>
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