[texhax] Gannt charts with TEX?

Stan K OBERST Stan.Oberst at eweb.eugene.or.us
Fri Dec 2 21:47:49 CET 2005

I'm very new to TEX so pardon my ignorance - where it shows.  I've been tasked with producing Gannt charts on a color printer of HP plotter using TEX (or LATEX, or ?) from data coming out of a Forest & Trees DB app.  From a quick perusal of "The LATEX Companion", 2nd edition, my hopes were raised that their might be a TEX Gannt Library (Class?) that I could "easily" grab and go with.  But I have been unable to find such a thing on the TUG site.  I'm hoping you might have some pointers/ideas of where to continue my search?

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