[texhax] format of the number in toc

javier garcia rn001 at cebas.csic.es
Tue Aug 30 13:01:07 CEST 2005


I'm having a problem that I guess is very simple for expert users, but I 
really can't manage to solve it.

I've used the package titlesec (Javier Bezos) to change slightly the 
appearance of my chapters, sections...' titles.

By default, for subsections I had something like:

2.3.4. Results of the study

And I just wanted to remove the last point, to get:

2.3.4 Results of the study

And so on for chapters, and sections. I've got this with the package titlesec, 
but I'm finding it impossible to remove this last point in the Table of 
Contents (or in tof)

Please, could you give me a hint about the way to solve this? I guess it 
musn't be difficult but I can't find the solution anywhere.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes

A. Javier Garcia
Water and Soil conservation department
Campus Universitario Espinardo
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30100 Murcia (SPAIN)
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