[texhax] Trying to build a dictionary

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Aug 24 01:40:29 CEST 2005


Condensed Helvetica is probably about as narrow as it gets among the
free sans serif fonts, although I haven't measured.
http://tug.org/fonts is my attempt at a list.

    But I have a problem about that! In those fonts there isn't a symbol
    which I need for typing in one of the languages of the dictionary:

There are various ways to synthesize a dotless j.  For one, see
dotlessj.sty in

    The problem is that there is not 'condensed' version of those fonts.

I'm not sure you really want to condense a Times design, esthetically
speaking.  Isn't regular Times narrow enough?  But if you insist, you
can make your own tfm's and map files with afm2tfm, fontinst, or other
tools.  You'll have to invest the time in learning about them, but for a
project as big as this one, perhaps you'll find it worthwhile.  It is
not that difficult.


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