[texhax] Help with tabular -- getting a table to stay on the 1st page

info at fusionapple.com info at fusionapple.com
Wed Aug 10 19:09:00 CEST 2005

Hi there,

Sorry if this isn't the right email to contact. I'm looking for some help
with a particular issue with LaTex. If you could answer my question or
point me to the right email address or online forums I'd appreciate it!

I'm trying to get a fairly complex (and fairly large) tabular to fit on a
single page without latex thinking that it's too big for the page. I've
tried the following:

\textheight = 20in

I've also tried working with \table, \tabular, \tabular*, \longtable, and

In every case, however, latex seems to think the table is too big for the
page, and proceeds to push it back a page, thus creating a blank page in
front of it, which is quite annoying. If I cut stuff off from the tabular
to make it short enough there's no problem. Does anyone have any
experience with this?

I've been working with this for ages, and would really, REALLY appreciate
any help I can get.



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