[texhax] How do I write Text on the right of a figure

Ari Freund ARIEF at il.ibm.com
Wed Aug 10 11:12:59 CEST 2005

>I use /usepackage{graphicx
>then in the document, I include 3 figures as follow:
>/caption{These are my stuffs: stuff (1) is A, stuff (2) is B, stuff (3)
>is C}
>What I need to do, is to wright on the right side of this figure, its
>corresponding subcaption (1/2/3).

The \includegraphics{figure1.eps} simply creates a box which happens to
contain an imported eps figure.  It is typeset just like any other box, so
you can do something like:

\includegraphics{figure1.eps} 1
\includegraphics{figure2.eps} 2
\includegraphics{figure3.eps} 3

This will place the subcaptions at the bottom right of each figure.  You
can use the usual mechanisms for moving stuff up and down to get the
subcaptions on the upper right or middle right.


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