[texhax] printindex - page number position, blank page problems

Anne Johnson annej at email.arizona.edu
Thu Apr 28 20:18:35 CEST 2005


I've tried searching all over the place and can't find an answer for this.

I'm using \printindex to include the index in my dissertation. For some
reason, the grad college here wants it before the abstract (??) Anyway, when
I put the \printindex command in the middle of the document, I get a blank
page with only "INDEX" on the top, and then the index starts on the next


Also, the first page of the index (the first one with text, not the blank
one) puts the page number bottom-center, but I want it upper-right like the
rest of the document. I can't find the code for the macro to change this.
I'm using MikTeX on a PC. Any ideas how to fix it?



Anne Johnson

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