[texhax] Re: [pdftex] writing `#', `{', `}' into auxiliary file

Morten Høgholm morten.hoegholm at latex-project.org
Fri Apr 29 11:17:33 CEST 2005

On Fri, 29 Apr 2005 10:30:28 +0200, Alexander Grahn  
<A.Grahn at fz-rossendorf.de> wrote:

>> just pay attention, please
> Well, I did, this time. But nevertheless, the result of using count1to is
> rather disappointing:

Yes, but you snipped an important part of Robin's latest posting:

> change \\ to \par in your \p, and observe why you need a \label-like
> mechanism for looking at \count1

TeX's page breaking is asynchronous: it collects material until it think  
it has enough and then cuts the scroll. Hence you need a label/ref  
combination in order to get the right page number.

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