[texhax] Searching for "European Modern" font

Kimi.Winters at dionex.com Kimi.Winters at dionex.com
Thu Apr 21 18:41:25 CEST 2005

Thanks so much for your quick and helpful feedback.  I will try Latin Modern
as an alternative to Computer Modern and see if it works.  I did take a look
at the TUG offerings, but your comments helped me make the connection from
Computer Modern to European Modern and finally, Latin Modern.  The Y&Y web
site was sold to a lingerie company, so this problem came to me as, "Every
time I try to download my favorite font, I end up at a porn site!  Help!"
Anyway, I greatly appreciate your help.  

Thank you very much,

Kimi J. Winters
Technical Writer
Dionex Corporation
(408) 481-4515

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