[texhax] ieeeconf.cls is old

Itzhak Barkana ibarkana at comcast.net
Wed Apr 13 12:50:37 CEST 2005

I used the ieeeconf.cls that was sent to me by the conference site with no

Afterwards, I downloaded  the complete system from CTAN, and I wanted to use
it the regular way. 

I suddenly started to have problems, until I observed that the stored CTAN
ieeeconf.cls  file is old. I replaced it with my updated version 1.6  and no
problems again.

However, problems start again whenever I "update" the system. I can replace
it myself every time I update, yet for the general public maybe it can be
updated in the http://www.tug.org/ctan.html storage.



Itzhak Barkana


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