[texhax] greek letters in ghostscript

Kashif Khan kashif at kfupm.edu.sa
Mon Apr 11 17:28:47 CEST 2005


Do not save them as .eps print them as .eps.
When you are done with your figure press Ctrl+P and select the printer that
offers postscript if you don't have one than install it.
After selecting the printer press the Properties button and then in the
Layout tag press the Advanced button. You will see a list of options, under
Document Options you will find PostScript Options and under it you will find
PostScript Output Option which is "Optimized for Speed". Change it to
"Encapsulated PostScript" and then press OK....OK....and then check Print to
File check box and finally press OK.

You are done with saving the eps file.

Kashif Khan.

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> dear texhax:
> I have a problem with greek letters in *.eps format. When I export a graph
> from Origin in EPS fomat the greek letters disappear.
> So, I cannot include EPS figures in LaTeX with greek letters. I tried with
> exporting the graphs as WMF and then converting with WMF2EPS, and it
> worked, but the graphs are very different in colour, size, contrast,
> transparency, etc. from the directly exported to EPS.
> What can I do to solve this problem???? Do I Have to include symbol fonts
> or anything similar in Ghostscript?
> Thanks in advance
> I.Caretti
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