[texhax] Including pictures from MS Powerpoint into FoilTeX slides

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Apr 10 14:57:31 CEST 2005

Hello Patric,

On 10/04/2005, at 8:27 PM, Patric Glöde wrote:

> Dear TeX support,
> I have some MS PowerPoint slides with diagrams which I want to paste 
> into my FoilTeX slides. (The PPT slides consist of nothing but the 
> diagrams. The diagrams, however, are made up out of different lines 
> and other elements, so that it is not possible to work wit ONE single 
> picture.)

Sure it is.

PowerPoint can export as HTML, which makes an image per slide,
and also into other formats.
Just create the exported images at sufficiently high resolution,
then scale them down as you import into a pdfLaTeX (or other TeX)
document, so that the resulting quality is acceptable.

> What is the most efficient way to get these diagrams into FoilTeX?
> I have tried to convert the PPT  slides into pdf and than use the 
> \includegraphics command. This theoretically works, but of course the 
> format of the then pdf slides is not right. They are too high,

This works too --- but you need to adjust the 'viewport' and set the 
'clip' option,
for your  \includegraphics  commands.

> so that the picture needs several FoilTeX slides. Just defining  
> another scale or height  in the option of \includegraphics did not 
> work --> I did not manage to position the picture afterwards and in 
> fact, what I need, is not to resize the picture itself but to cut away 
> the "white parts" of the pdf slide so that just the original picture 
> appears.

That's what the `viewport= ....'  option does, along with 'clip'.
This is well-documented.

> I should add, that I do not dispose of  Adobe Acrobat which  might 
> enable me to tailor the pdf slides with the pictures. Neither do I 
> dispose of devices to convert the ppt pictures into eps and tailor the 
> eps pictures.

Another way, though probably of lesser quality, is to use the 
tool in a PDF browser. Adobe Reader 7 has such a feature, but with 
version 6
you may need the Pro version.

> I would be very grateful for advices how to tackle this not so trivial 
> task!

I'd guess that you have all the tools available already.
Just some experience in using them is all that's required.

> Best regards

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Patric Gloede
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