[texhax] Help bst file

Philip Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at email.it
Fri Apr 8 12:59:35 CEST 2005

> I've developed a small (.bst) file for a personal use with the help of
> the auxiliary program "makebst" by doing abbreviation for the surnames
> (first names) in order to well format the author names but I have some
> problems with the (.bib) file that already contains initials or
> abbreviation for the surnames i.e. In the bib file we already have for
> example : R.M. Wald and when I generate the bbl file with my (.bst) file
> the initials are trancated i.e. I obtain
> R. Wald ??? instead of R.M. Wald

I'd have to see your .bst to be sure, but I suspect that separating the
initials in your bib file should solve the prtoblem.  That is:

author = "R. M. Wald",

Cheers,  Phil

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