[texhax] Help bst file

Mohamed HOUSSNI houssni at e-press.co.ma
Thu Apr 7 12:44:00 CEST 2005

Dear Tug,

I was wondering if someone can help me with a LaTeX problem.

I've developed a small (.bst) file for a personal use with the help of 
the auxiliary program "makebst" by doing abbreviation for the surnames 
(first names) in order to well format the author names but I have some 
problems with the (.bib) file that already contains initials or 
abbreviation for the surnames i.e. In the bib file we already have for 
example : R.M. Wald and when I generate the bbl file with my (.bst) file 
the initials are trancated i.e. I obtain
R. Wald ??? instead of R.M. Wald

How can I resolve this problem?

Please I would be very grateful to you to help me resolving this problem 
because I am a beginner in the programation of that kind of file.

Thanks and best regards

Dr. Houssni

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