[texhax] new AMSLaTeX + bug fix

Alexandru Scorpan ascorpan at math.ufl.edu
Sun Oct 17 11:29:37 CEST 2004

> did you get an acknowledgement from the ams support
> people?

I have no recollection, it's been a while.

> the release would have been under-way at the time your report came in,
> and to add frank's patch (or simply to remove the buggy code so as to
> use the working latex default) would have required restarting the
> regression testing.

No complaints.  I just felt chattery today.

> fortunate it's such a counter-intuitive bug, isn't it?

I am proud to report that I have seen a few papers on the arXiv which 
suddenly had an oversized footnote mark.

I'd argue that it's not even that hard to run into it in real life:  
Just draw a picture directly in LaTeX and label something there by 
changing sizes, as in:



		\put(50,50){\Tiny $\Theta$}



I'd rather say:  Fortunate that it's usually not very visible. Or that 
people don't draw many pictures in their papers...

-- Alex

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