[texhax] multi line subrubric in curve

Sebastian Luque sluque at mun.ca
Tue Oct 5 04:58:06 CEST 2004

Dear Karl, Didier, and Pavel,

Thank you all for your help with this issue. It looks like \parbox'ing the 
subrubrics is the way to go for my current purpose.

Pavel, the sample file you sent didn't arrive at my end, so would you mind 
sending it again, perhaps off-list (not sure whether it has to do with the 
List server).

All the best,

On Mon, October 4, 2004 03:25 -0500, Didier Verna wrote:
> Karl Berry wrote:
> > Hello Didier!
>         Hi !
> > I wonder if you could answer Sebastian L's question, and cc texhax?
>         Done.
> > Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 12:26:51 -0500
> > From: Sebastian Luque <sluque at mun.ca>
> > To: texhax at tug.org
> > Subject: [texhax] multi line subrubric in curve
> >
> > Dear List,
> >
> > I'm using package curve for designing my CV, and need to have more than
> > one line in some of the subrubrics. Otherwise the contents run off the
> > margins. The documentation does not show how to do this, and using the
> > standard '\\' command doesn't work. Any work-arounds?
>         Although I don't exactly know why this doesn't work (probably
> because the subrubrics are typeset in raiseboxes), here are two
> possibilities that I can think of:
> 1/ Put your text in several consecutive subrubrics (one per line). However,
>    this might not give you the desired vertical spacing.
> 2/ Probably better, put your material in a parbox:
>   \subrubric{\parbox{width}{blah blah\\next blah blah}}
>   This is a bit dirty because you have to figure out a suitable width for
> your parbox. But this will work.

On Mon, October 4, 2004 18:19 -0500, Pavel Minev Penev wrote:
> Good Sebastian,
> I hope someone has given you a satisfactory answer already.  Otherwise,
> the sample cv demonstrates subrubrics that have proper multi-line
> entries.  Are you using some box-ing command?  Or is the problem with
> the length of title's text?  One quick solution that should work in
> almost all problems with left-to-right mode is to use a
> \parbox{width}{text} or, in some circumstances, a minipage environment.
> For both of these, though, you need to calculate the width of the
> multi-line text yourself.
> Good luck,

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