[texhax] Tables in appendices

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 30 08:55:46 CET 2004

>   I have partly answered my own question:
>   \renewcommand{\tnum at table}{\texbf{Table A~\thetable}}
>   should have used fnum, not tnum (presumably fnum stands for float
>   number, not figure number).

i was surprised it worked at all...

>   I have got it to work fine with fnum, with the tables within the
>   text showing Table A1 etc. But I still have a problem in
>   that the List of Tables, does not reflect these changes, but shows
>   Table 1 etc.  Do I need to redefine the list of tables command? And
>   if so, how might I do it?

since you want the table number referred in the same where wherever it
occurs, you probably need just to change \thetable at the start of the
appendices (thus avoiding all that fiddling with \makeatletter).

however, there's a slight confusion: you mention "table a1" but in
your command you have a space between appendix number and table
number.  so, does \renewcommand\thetable{\thechapter\thetable}
(without fiddling with \fnum at table) do what you want?

(i'm presuming -- you don't say in this post and i've now deleted the
earlier one -- that it's a chapter-based document.  otherwise use
\thesection in place of \thechapter.)

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