[texhax] Tables in appendices

Ian Watson i.watson at econ.usyd.edu.au
Tue Nov 30 01:53:53 CET 2004

  I have partly answered my own question:

  \renewcommand{\tnum at table}{\texbf{Table A~\thetable}}

  should have used fnum, not tnum (presumably fnum stands for float
  number, not figure number).

  I have got it to work fine with fnum, with the tables within the
  text showing Table A1 etc. But I still have a problem in
  that the List of Tables, does not reflect these changes, but shows
  Table 1 etc.  Do I need to redefine the list of tables command? And
  if so, how might I do it?

  Any advice would be most appreciated.

  I have also started looking at ccaption package, to see if this will
  automate the whole thing.

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