[texhax] hyphenation ...

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 16 14:39:31 CET 2004

>   A journal (Journal of Financial Economics) does NOT want hyphenation.
> Unfortunately, TeX hyphenates so well that forcing no hyphenation using:
> \hyphenpenalty=10000
> \exhyphenpenalty=10000
> causes the tolerance to be exceeded and nasty blocks placed at the end
> of the line where hyphenation should occur. Is there any way to get TeX
> to not hyphenate and still leave the text without the nasty blocks at
> the end of the line and still get reasonable looking output? Any help
> here? bye ...

so what do the journal of financial economics want instead?  the
alternatives are ragged-right text (like some newspapers --
\raggedright) or text with uneven spacing (like the rest of newspapers
-- \sloppy).  there really aren't any alternatives (short of rewriting
text so that it doesn't _need_ hyphenation, which is always tedious
and most often difficult or even impossible).

the difference between tex and most other systems is that it gives you
a choice when things become impossibly bad.  faced with a text that
would naturally appear bad, tex makes it look bad and expects you to
sort it out.

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