[texhax] Re: List of symbols and abbreviations (LOSA)

Shelby Highsmith gte182y at mail.gatech.edu
Thu Nov 11 13:57:09 CET 2004

> I am trying to insert a list of variables in a Ph.D. dissertation 
> after the
> list of tables and list of figures.
Let me try this again; don't know why texhax didn't like my message.


I'm not sure what the class and style packages you have gotten from FIT 
look like, but we have a really good package here at GaTech you can 


If you look at the comments in the gatech-thesis-losa.sty file, it 
explains pretty well.  If you use that package (and I'm not sure how 
compatible it will be with the FIT thesis class), just make sure to 
\usepackage{gatech-thesis-losa} and define the file with your losa 
definitions as \losafiles{your-losa-file}, where you have a file 
your-losa-file.bib with entries like

	definition={Strengthening precipitate phase}

Not sure exactly how you specify where the LOSA shows up -- that's 
embedded in the gatech-thesis.cls file somewhere, but I believe it's 
called in essentially the same way as a glossary.

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