[texhax] Some questions about plain TeX and LaTeX

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Wed Nov 3 17:40:43 CET 2004

Francisco Villafañe :

> Dear People of TeXlist:
>                                 I would like to do some questions about TeX and LaTeX
> and I hope somebody could answer (if it´s not much time).
> 1) How can I do to typeset accented vocals and "ñ" in standard TeX 
> whitout using control characters. I mean, something similar to LaTeX 
> imputenc that allows to type á instead o \´a or \´{a}. I want to do the 
> same but in plain TeX. Is that possible?

cannot help you there

> 2) In LaTeX, command \parbox is given this way: 
> \parbox[position]{width}{text}. My question is... Is there a way to 
> control not only the width of the box but also it´s height?

the full syntax for \parbox (and minipage) is

\parbox[position][height][inner position]{width}{text}



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