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Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Fri Jan 30 00:18:45 CET 2004

Also keep in mind something that you are probably already doing, but 
that took me a long time to grasp:  you have to run the sequence 
Latex-Bibtex-Latex-Latex on your source file.

--Chris Ryan

Robert Sherry wrote:
>     I am trying to write a paper using LaTeX and BibTex for the
> Bibliography. I
> understand that I need to create a .bib file, which I have done. I also
> understand
> that I need a statement like:
>     \bibliographstyle{plain}
> in the preamble of my document which I have. I also have the statement:
>     \bibliography{t1}
> in my document. The name of my bib file is t1.bib I do not get a
> bibliography just the word References in bold in the LaTeX output. It does
> give the following error
> message:
>         LaTeX Warning: Empty `thebibliography' environment on input line 3.
> The file t1.bib has a single entry in it. I am thinking that the problem is
> that I
> do not have any \cite comments. I feel badly confused. I am hoping somebody
> can tell me what I am missing. Also, it would help if somebody could provide
> me a simple LaTeX file with a bibliography that does work.
>                                         Robert Sherry
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