[texhax] book to buy?

mr at xosoftware.dk mr at xosoftware.dk
Thu Jan 22 09:20:45 CET 2004

> > Well, I suppose that would work if money was not an issue, which it is.
> pah!  money!  when the next revolution comes ...

Sounds exciting, but I think I will just buy the book :)

> unless you're already a tex hacker, i would not really recommend
> source2e.

Well, I am definitely not a tex hacker -- or any other kind of hacker, for that
matter -- but I am equally not easy to scare. That is, I don't like horror
movies, but code and programming seems to take me through a pipeline of wonder,
frustration, understanding, happiness, and finally boredom -- which is when I
find new things to learn; and then I return when I forget about the last station
on the assembly line.
Thank you

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