[texhax] a question I can't find in the FAQs

Dieter Meinert DMeinert at RosenInspection.net
Tue Jan 20 13:07:49 CET 2004

See: The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List by Scott Pakin <pakin at uiuc.edu>
from www.ctan.org

Maybe you just need \wideparen{\sun\moon\mars} from table 102,
the list is always a good aide.

 							Dieter Meinert

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|=> Subject: [texhax] a question I can't find in the FAQs
|=> Dear Sir or Madam:
|=>    My name is Katherine Northrup and I am an undergraduate 
|=> student at
|=> Ursinus College (near Philadelphia, PA) writing in LaTeX 
|=> for the first time.
|=> I must say I'm very pleased with the appearance of my 
|=> output and the ease of
|=> writing in LaTeX, with the exception of one detail that I 
|=> hope you can help
|=> with.
|=>   I'm writing a translation of an ancient astronomical text 
|=> (Aristarchus of
|=> Samos) and I'm trying to put a rounded over line over the 
|=> groups of letters
|=> that represent semicircles and arcs in the text.  I know 
|=> about \overline for
|=> the straight lines to denote line segments; I'd like to 
|=> mark the arcs
|=> accordingly.  My instructor found the \arc command 
|=> \newcommand{\arc}[1]{\ensuremath{\stackrel{\displaystyle{\fr
|=> own}}{#1}}} 
|=> which invokes the frown and the stack function, but this 
|=> really doesn't look
|=> very good at all, especially over more than 2 characters 
|=> (and I mostly need
|=> it over 3).
|=>   I'm hoping there is a simple way to do this; surely 
|=> enough geometers write
|=> in LaTeX that there might be.  I'd appreciate any advice at 
|=> all about this
|=> matter.  If you don't know of a way to do so, could you 
|=> please put me into
|=> contact with someone who might, or else suggest a search I 
|=> might try on CTAN
|=> that would show me documents that might contain such a symbol?
|=> Thank you very much for your time and consideration of this 
|=> matter.  I'm
|=> very grateful.
|=> Sincerely,
|=> Katherine Northrup
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