[texhax] footnote

mr at xosoftware.dk mr at xosoftware.dk
Sun Jan 11 14:59:23 CET 2004

> \ProvidesPackage{footmisc}%
>         [2001/06/12 v4.0a
>      a miscellany of footnote facilities%
>                    ]% $Id: footmisc.dtx,v
4.1 2001/06/12 15:28:11 rf Exp rf $

I got it. "silly" error, alright: A line
break had slipped in after 'rf'. Thanks.

> [signed: the author of footmisc]

Then maybe you can help me. As I wrote I want
the index of the footnote to be normal text.
I tried to replace the \textsuperscript with
\textnormal in the following to obtain that
effect? (I am just guessing):
          \llap{\hb at xt@

But that didn't work. I have programming
experience but it is the first time I try to
make changes in Latex and find it a bit
confusing just now.
Thank you beforehand

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