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> How do I put the printed pages into a booklet? It must be related to 
> the
> signature but I cannot get it working. I am not printing on big paper 
> that
> is to be folded ant then cut.

This is called ``imposition'', or ``imposing the pages''.

You'll want to look at the psutils, esp. psbook and psnup, or at Peter 
Wilson's ``booklet'' package on CTAN.

Easy way to do it by hand is to start w/ a drawn grid matching the 
number of needed pages matched up to sheets:


Then fill in starting on the right w/ odd numbers and work down and 

--| 1
3 |--

Then, when you get to the bottom, start at 2 and work back up w/ even 

4 | 1
3 | 2

You can check that by taking a sheet of paper, folding it in half, and 
numbering it from 1--4 for the pages.


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