[texhax] About Latex Install

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Fri Jan 2 22:27:27 CET 2004

> I have no experience on using Latex, but I need it to write
> papers from now
> on.  I looked through several web sites to try to figure out how I can
> download LaTex online.  I got very confused.  Could you help me?
> 1.  Where can I find the correct package to install?


> 2.  Once I find the package, should I just make a directory under C drive
> and put all folders and files into that directory?

I use c:\TeX\texmf etc., but that is my personal choice.  MiKTeX will
suggest creating \texmf (for package files) AND \localtexmf (for personal
files) you may even find you want another; it clearly makes sense to have
these all under one base, e.g. c:\TeX.

> 3.  Do I need to do anything to configure it?

No just follow the instructions and read the basic readme files etc.

> 4.  Where to download WinEdt to best match the version of LaTex that I am
> going to install according to your recommendation?


And do as in point 3. above.

Cordialmente,  Philip G. Ratcliffe

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