[texhax] Converting from LaTeX to MS Word

Sorin Marti mas at semafor.ch
Thu Dec 23 11:40:00 CET 2004

Greg Kirsch wrote:

> I need to convert a LaTeX file (which includes mathematical 
> formulas/equations) into MS Word. Are you aware of a conversion 
> utility to make this happen?
> I’ve tried Tex2Word (Chikrii), but it doesn’t seem to work on 
> equations/formulas.
> Let me know. Thanks!
This might help you. They say on their webpage:

*TexPort converts the following:*

Equations 	Itemize and enumerate
Greek characters 	Framebox, fbox, makebox and mbox
Math/Scientific characters 	Indexes
Bold and Italic styles 	Simple tables
Footnotes 	European accent characters
Verbatim and verb commands 	\def and \newcommand
Itemize and Bib Item 	Itemize, Bib Item,
Cite Item. <http://www.ktalk.com/faq.html>

This softeare runs only under windows and is NOT free. But you can 
download a free trial. Maybe this helps.

This is the Homepage: http://www.ktalk.com/texport.html

and BTW:
this is an overview over conversion tools. maybe this is also helpful

Sorin Marti

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