[texhax] The results of your email commands

Frauke Jurgensen frauke at videotron.ca
Wed Dec 15 16:58:54 CET 2004

     >my name is Alexander Frank, math graduate student
     >I've installed the musixtex package following the instructions 
from the
     >warner icking page (the oficial site).... and I added a few 
     >files to the miktex/bin directory...
     >I work with WinEdt on Windows XP and it seems that this program 
     >know about the existence of musixflx.exe (located in miktex/bin 
     >because the output of the files that I create are not influenciated by
     >this file. Perhaps I have to configurate something in WinEdt, but I'm
     >lost.... I've been looking through apparently all the menues and 
files to
     >configurate... and nothing.... also I've included in the miktex/bin
     >directory some preprocessor executables and I don't know how to 
call them
     >from WinEdt (pmxab.exe, mtx.exe).
     >(I've refreshed the miktex database.... also I've looked for 
     >with an option into WinEdt and only appears the basic executables...
     >tex.exe.... latex.exe... yap.exe... etc. I've looked into 
     >Startup.edt, Tex System.edt and I didn't find something related)
     >Trying to find some help at the WinEdt page I've found you....

- Ignored:
     >I appreciate your time... and I hope you can find a solution out 
to help me.
     >Thank you very much....
     >                     Alexander Frank M.
     I'm not sure how WinEdt comes into all of this, but when using 
     on a Linux box, you need to run

     tex mypiece
     musixflx mypiece.mx1
     tex mypiece

     that is, YOU need to run musixflx, and then tex your file again. 
Try that !

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