[texhax] natbib: multiple citations, one optional argument

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Thu Dec 9 10:15:18 CET 2004

> i am trying to cite two references using the
> \cite{ref29,ref33} form. one of the references is a
> conference paper specifically on the topic in
> question, but the other is a textbook that has a
> one-page table i need to cite. in other words, it's
> specific enough that i need to cite the specific page,
> not just the whole book.
> ideally, the reference would render in LaTeX as [29;
> 33, p. 659], but the form \cite[p. 659]{ref29,ref33}
> doesn't handle this correctly -- instead it spits out
> [29, 33, p. 659].

The natbib package version 2000/07/24 7.0a has a default behaviour of round
parenthesis and semicolon separators - so you have presumably already
altered this.

Anyway, \usepackage[square,colon]{natbib} should set the behaviour you want.

If you wish to temporarily turn on semicolon separators (e.g., for such
cases), then you will need something like

\newcommand\setcolons{\renewcommand\NAT at sep{;}}
\newcommand\setcommas{\renewcommand\NAT at sep{,}}

in the preamble, which will allow

... \setcolons \cite[p. 659]{ref29,ref33} \setcommas ...

in the text

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