[texhax] pad/xagaramon.sty

Stefan Björk stefan at raggmunk.nu
Mon Dec 6 23:01:04 CET 2004

I installed Walter Schmidt's Adobe AGaramond package (pad) from CTAN and 
installed the Adobe fonts accordingly. The pad.map file name the fonts 
with 8a and 8x encoding, but the xagaramon.sty and .fd-files refer to 
them with 9e encoding - thus LaTeX can't find the fonts.

This is not mentioned in the installation instructions (pad.txt). Have I 
missed something? Do I manually have to recode the font files to match 
the 9e encoding, or do the xagaramon.sty-file need a patch?

I should mention that i use teTeX on a system where I have no 
administrator privileges; thus I have installed everything in a local 
~/texmf directory and set the TEXMF environment variable accordingly 
(works perfect for other packages). I have successfully installed the 
Adobe AGaramond fonts on a system with MikTeX, so I know the fonts 
should work.


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