[texhax] titlecase?

Steve Schwartz s.j.schwartz at qmul.ac.uk
Sat Dec 4 20:05:25 CET 2004

Is there a command/package somewhere to capitlise the first letter of
every word (and/or up-capitalise all but the 1st word)? I.e. a
\MakeTitlecase or \MakeSentencecase?

I realise this is frought with difficulties (see the FAQ, which points
to textcase.sty). But we're editing a book with inputs from lots of
authors. While Part and Chapter headings get turned into uppercase,
which is fine, the section and below headings (a) shouldn't be uppercase
and (b) should consistently be either titlecase (This Is A Section
Heading) or sentence case (This is a section heading). But there doesn't
seem to be a (la)tex command to do this, unless I've missed it

At present, the various authors have not been consistent in the way they
have written the subheadings, and it would be simplest and best if this
could be done by redefining \section rather than running 'round loops
editing files.

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