[texhax] Naming Files/YAP?

Brett W. McCoy bmccoy at chapelperilous.net
Fri Oct 24 10:07:23 CEST 2003

Gayle Trent wrote:

> I recently downloaded TeX and I'm trying to become familiar with the 
> program.  Yesterday I created a document using Notepad.  I saved it with 
> the following extensions: pdftex, tex, pdf, and dvi.  However, YAP 
> wouldn't open any of the files.  The closest it would come is with the 
> dvi extension, but then I would get an error message that YAP didn't 
> recognize the file and that program as well as my Internet Explorer 
> would shut down.  If it makes a difference, I'm running a PC, Windows 98 
> operating system.  Please help!

What is YAP?

TeX documents should have the extension .tex.  The .dvi is added when 
you process a document with the tex command, and .pdf is added when you 
use pdftex.  What version of TeX are you using?

I think WinEdt understands the syntax of TeX documents, as does emacs 
for Windows.  They can help with syntax highlighintg and other things. 
You should use one of those for editing, Notepad is just too barebones.

-- Brett
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