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Marcílio Alves maralves at usp.br
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I am typesetting a technical journal and I have a few papers in latex to
process. I created a main.tex file and used the include command to add
the various papers. Both (relevant parts) main.tex and paper1.tex are

As you can see, I am using the book style and fancyheadings but, because
I am not an expert in either latex or fancy, I have a few questions you
might be willing to help with some answer or indications. They are:

1. is the book style the best option for setting up the journal?
2. I turned off chapter numbering but how do I do to keep section
numbers on?
3. how do I put in the headings of the first page of a given paper, the
page span the paper fills?
4. how do I put in subsequent pages of a given paper, its title and its
5. how about if the title is too long to be a heading? If I use
\chapter[short]{long title}, then the table of contents will come if the
shoet title, which I do not want.

If you could please help with these questions, it would be very
important for the journal, whose first issue is due for next month. I
am sure you understand the importance of such a publication for the
countries down here. 

I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon

best regards


\usepackage{geometry, epsfig, varioref, array, dcolumn,
multirow, longtable, makeidx, rotating, fancyhdr, footnpag, 
subfigure, threeparttable, version,amsfonts,graphicx,amsmath,float}
{\sffamily\bfseries\small Abstract}\end{center}
\rfoot[\footnotesize\bf Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures
1 (2003)
{\footnotesize\bf Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 1
%\renewcommand{\chaptermark}[1]{markboth{\thechapter. \#1}{}}


\rhead[]{\sffamily\bfseries 1 (2003) 15--25 \vspace{0mm}}
\rfoot[]{\footnotesize $^*$ Corresponding author r at a.a 
\hfill Received 10 August 2003; In revised form 17 October 2003}
\chapter[Topological-Shape Sensitivity Method\ldots]
{Topological-Shape Sensitivity Method Applied to Topology Design of
Plate Bending Problem}

\author{\Large\centering A.A. Novotny$^a$, R.A. Feij\'{o}o$^{a,*}$, C.
Padra$^b$, E. Taroco$^a$}

{\small\centering $^a$Laborat\'{o}rio Nacional de Computa\c{c}\~{a}o
Cient\'{\i}fica LNCC/MCT, \\
Av. Get\'{u}lio Vargas 333,  25651-075 Petr\'{o}polis - RJ, Brasil \\
$^b$Centro At\'{o}mico Bariloche, 8400 Bariloche, Argentina\\}


In the present paper, we apply the novel Topological-Shape
Sensitivity Method as a systematic methodology  for computing the


Marcílio Alves and Paulo de Mattos Pimenta

University of São Paulo - São Paulo - SP - Brazil



please visit the  <http://www.lajss.org/> Latin American Journal of
Solids and Structures




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