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Hi Jing,
I use the IEEEtran.cls file.  To center the caption of figures you must have the following at the beginning of your document:
the space between figure environments is regular text lines, either a linespace or a paragraph space.  You can add space with \vspace if you want to make tiny changes between or IN a figure environments.. 

good luck.


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  I use the following code to output two figures one after another. I have two questions:
  1. How to center the caption? 
  2. How to adjust the vertical space between these two figures?

  The working environment is ieee template.

  Thanks in advance.

  \begin{minipage}[b]{0.5\linewidth} % A minipage that covers half the page, width-wise 

  \hspace{0.5cm} % To get a little bit of horizontal space between the figures
  \caption{Second stupendous result} 

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