[texhax] Some font questions

Michael mika_lists at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 23:33:12 CET 2003

I am completely unexperienced with fonts, so I address you the following questions:
- The "concrete" fonts have no bold variants. Is there any way I could fix this in Plain Tex? I am thinking of a "stretching" command, similar to "scale \magstep ...", but with the effect of only making the letters thicker. I dislike the mixing of CMR and Concrete :-)
- Does the Euler fonts have boldface letters? Apparently, when I type bold in math-mode, e.g. "${\bf bold 1}$", I get some normal letters, i.e. not bold, although still in the Euler font.
- Apart from CMR, Concrete(/Euler), Times, are there any serious font alternatives which do also work in math-mode in a consistent fashion? I have seen a book using the Lucida Bright family, and this was very beautiful (much more, in my opinion, than CMR). Unformtunately, the font is very expensive. Do you now if a free version of this font exists? (well, I can always try!! :-)

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