[texhax] minipage

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Thu Nov 20 12:24:42 CET 2003

> When a minipage is encountered near the end of the page, the entire 
> minipage content is automatically pushed to the next page, leaving the 
> current pace with a blank space (short page).  This also happens at the 
> column ends when i use double coulmn.
> e.g.
> \begin{minipage}[b]{3.5in}
> \hangindent 8pt\noindent
> My text goes here
> \end{minipage}
> \quad\hfill {some more text}
> Please guide me to get a automatic page break in between the minipage 
> content, when I use the above mentioned text with my TeX file or suggest 
> some other options.

Well, that's the whole point of a minipage - it shouldn't be broken.  The
question is then why are you using a minipage environment?  Is there some
othe way you could achieve the desired result?  From your example I suspect
all you want to do is change the margins and indenation; this can always be

Cheers,  Philip G. Ratcliffe 

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